5th World Water Forum

The 5th World Water Forum was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from March 16 to March 22, 2009.  The ISW and SWE collaborated with Turkish Youth for Habitat, Lycee Galatasaray, Turcek and the organizers of the World Youth Water Forum, to organize a youth meeting beforehand.  The goal of the meeting, other than being a chance to prepare for the official Forum, was to bring youth from different countries together, in an attempt to apply the concepts of the International Citizen-led Cooperation.

The meeting, held in Sariyer and Kilyos on March 13, 14 and 15, brought together 23 youths: 23 Turks, 3 Canadians, a Salvadorian (who represented the Central American region), a Frenchwoman, a Belgian, a Beninois and 2 Moldavians.  Thanks to the practical projects achieved by the international participants, and the local issues brought up by the Turks, the youngsters came up with ideas and initiatives that could be put into execution by the Turks in their respective regions.

This exercise in international solidarity was a practical application of the concepts developed throughout the years by participants of the Celebration of Lakes and Rivers. Stéfanie Saindon (L'Assomption) and Pascal Meilleur-Durand (Longueil), two youths from Québec, have both participated in the 3 day meeting, as well as the World Water Forum.

The conclusions of the Kilyos meeting have been presented at the Citizen's House for Water during a session about youth and their role in the International Citizen-led Cooperation.

For more information you can download the Istanbul youth activity report